What Is Ayurveda For Life

What Is Ayurveda :

Ayurveda starts from below lines    


      “Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam Aaturasya Vikara Prashamanam Cha”

        “स्वास्थ्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षाम अचुरस्य विकास प्रशमनम चा”


‘Ayurveda’ is ‘Science of life’

  1. ‘Ayuh (r)’as life
  2. ‘Veda’ as science.

Ayurveda is an oldest and ancient system treatment of life and even Ayurveda is the oldest medical system in the world. Ayurveda is almost 5000 years old and it is also considered to be an ancient science of healing that enhances longevity. It has evolved from the quest to have a happy life, through a deep understanding of creation and its maintenance, perceived and conceived by the rishis or seers of ancient India.Ayurveda always increases the quality of life in comparison to normal and routine life. 

Its influence can be found in many ancient traditional methods of healing including Tibetan, Greek, and Chinese medicines thus making it the ‘mother of healing.’

The Ayurvedic system is based are essentially true for all age group human life and so can be easily adopted time after time, century after century. The theory of Ayurveda tells a series of conceptual systems characterized by balance and disorder, disease and health. It gives information about a person’s mental, emotional and spiritual being are all interconnected and any kind of imbalance between them results in health disorder and diseases or imbalance of human life. so, that foe a healthy life balance in life is required and ayurveda give that balance to life.

In Ayurveda Health and disease are defined in a very special way . Ayurveda’s central concept is that life is a manifestation of mind, body, soul and spirit. Body and mind are prone to suffering while the spirit is free of any such trappings of life. Thus to remain healthy and happy, efforts are required to be made in the direction of maintaining harmony among all these elements and only then can one get closer to the goal of longevity and disease free life.

Ayurvedic science is not a traditional and ancient Indian form of medicine but a  natural and naturopathic system of healthcare and treatment of disease. The aim of Ayurvedic ( AYURVEDA) science is to achieve perfect health by creating an equilibrium of perfect harmony between human body and the environment it habitats. Ayurvedic system is disturbed by other and  modern healthcare system but still we are the leader in our old system in comparison to other countries. lot of countries using ayurvedic methods for treatment but they replace ayurveda with his domestic name.

Ayurveda is also known as the science of living a  disease free and healthy life. It is based on that in olden days human always stays and used nature and whenever he got exposed to some disease, he used to cure himself using resources and material provided by the Nature. It therefore would not be wrong to say that Ayurveda based on nature and its natural resources.

In ayurveda it believes that human are all a part of nature. all animals and plants are interdependent on each other to create balance. there is concurrent and inherent connection between the universe and human beings. human present in this world always face the lot of challenges like environmental and physical challenges in his life. Any change in nature, weather, life style, diet, work, emotions and relationship, physically, mentally effect the state of mind of individual person. Any change is directly change the balance and negativity influence an person state of mind, bodyand soul. Ayurveda always stand for helping human being and cure from negative and disease state.

Ayurveda demands for a complete healthy human body with the elements of nature and the surrounding environment for a stress free and healthy life. The Ayurvedic science does not deal with medical science but its scope goes much beyond the universe of the conventional science. It also includes factors like herbal medicine, body works, and surgery apart from social, psychological, ethical, spiritual and intellectual life of human beings.

According to Ayurveda, 3 type of body is present in healthcare system. the mixture of three body principals builds our mental, physical and spiritual well-being. These three are known as doshas, which are further classified as

  • Vata
  • Kapha
  • Pitta

But each individual human has its own unique constitution that is usually governed by one or two of the doshas predominantly. It means that our Ayurvedic system is mainly be either of these doshas or a mixture of two doshas like

  • Vata & Kapha
  • Kapha & Pitta
  • Vata & Pitta.

The vata dosha is known to control all the movements of mind and body. From controlling the blood flow to elimination of the waste and harmful toxins to breathing and the flow of thoughts in the mind; the vata dosha is like a  force that minimizes or decreases stress and forms and increase the creativity within you. If the vata dosha is in balance then you will feel energetic, enthusiastic and lively, ift it becomes imbalanced, it creates the body problems like constipation, hypertension, fatigue, digestive challenges and restlessness among others. for the treating of vata dosha lot of herbs present in ayurvedic system.

Pitta Dosha controls and manage digestion, metabolism, and energy production. The function of Pitta is transformation and conversion. Those have pitta principle in predominance they are fiery nature that shows in both body and mind. Pittas have a lustrous complexion, perfect digestion, abundant energy, and a strong appetite. When out of balance, Pittas may suffer from skin rashes, burning sensations, peptic ulcers, excessive body heat, heartburn, and indigestion. for the treating of pitta dosha lot of herbs present in ayurvedic system,

Kapha dosha controls and related to all structure and lubrication in the mind and body. It is the principle that holds the cells together and forms the muscle, fat, bone, and sinew. It controls weight, growth, lubrication for the joints and lungs, and formation of all the seven tissues — nutritive fluids, blood, fat, muscles, bones, marrow and reproductive tissues. It helps and increases to build excellent stamina but when it comes out of balance it can cause a person to become overweight, sleep excessively, and suffer from the problem of diabetes, asthma and depression. for the treating of kapha dosha lot of herbs present in ayurvedic system.

Ayurveda is responsible and serves good and healthy life . Ayurveda understand the value of healthy life and give ways and principle to manage life with nature but when surrounding nature of human changed then problems and disease comes in life. In the ancient times, rishis and sages believed in Ayurvedic herbs as the solution to cure a number of health problems and diseases. The performed  studies and experiments with these herbs before arriving at any result regarding the accuracy of the medicinal values of these herbs and their effectiveness in treating various diseases. Natural Ayurveda herbs are considered to be free of any side effects and thus enjoy a global appeal. due to Ayurveda life become free from disease and offers healthy and good life which has balance with nature.

Ayurvedic medicines are mostly prepared by using a mix of herbs and other plants, including oils and common spices. Due to the combination of herbs and oils the Ayurveda is capable to cure the disease of life. In modern era  Ayurveda is widely used for curing disease. even lot of scientific researches and clinical data proves herbs and plants are plays important role in managing and curing health of human being. Herbs and plants play a vital role in the Ayurvedic system.Even a small herb can dissolve stones in the kidney, bladder and gall-bladder easily and effectively. Apart from timely cure, Ayurvedic herbs are also know to provide permanent relief from a disease by removing the metabolic toxins from the body.

In ayurveda lot of herbs or remedies present in at our home in our kitchen . These remedies is known as Ayurvedic home remedies are considered safe as they are natural and herbal in nature, therefore, free from any side effects. The ayurvedic remedies are safe and mostly used the root part for effective treatment of disease. ayurvedic treatment not offer only treatment of disease but it gives permanent remove the disease and gives long and healthy life. Ayurvedic remedies are preventive as well as protective and curative in nature.

Using herbal and natural ingredients or things that can be easily available in the kitchen, it is safe and non toxic. These remedies are

  • free of any side-effect
  • provide long term or permanent cure from the disease.
  • much effective as compared to other conventional forms of modern day science.
  • approach towards the overall well-being of a person
  • helps in diet, sleep pattern and other basic everyday activity
  • change in life style

Ayurvedic Medicines are fastly getting popularity across the world. Reasons for it being that Ayurveda works for  normalize body functions with varied techniques including advice on food and activity, internal herbal preparations, purification treatments (panchakarma), and surgical methods (shalya chikitsa).

Ayurveda is totally depend on the balance of mind , body and spirit gives results in the form of wellness and health of body. ayurveda increases the stamina and strength of body along with prevention from disease. ayurvedic medicines free from side effects and non toxic in nature.

ayurveda offers detoxification , purification, cleansing and balancing of life. ayurvedic plants and herbs have strong action on body and improves life and correct the doshas present in body. some herbs mention below which are present in our surrounding

  • Tulsi
  • Guduchi
  • Giloy
  • Hing
  • Ajwain
  • Brahmi
  • Shilajit
  • Ashwagandha

Above are some most commonly used herbs in Ayurvedic preparation. Each of these herbs or spices hold a multitude of benefits – for the mind, body, and spirit and can be easily used internally or externally, depending on the need.

Lot of ayurvedic and herbal companies present like dabur, baidyanath,  SANATOZ HEALTHCARE ( The key of ayurveda) is one of Ayurvedic Company has a wide range of natural and Ayurvedic products which are formulated to not only help you maintain a healthy lifestyle but also promote  well-being of mind and body.

ayurveda is part of life. life is totally related and dependent on ayurveda. Without ayurveda human being could not imagine the life.



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