Work And Responsibility Of Deputy General/Sales Manager

This article covers :Work and Responsibility of a deputy general/sales Manager

  • Deputy General/sales Manager Definition ( 4th line manager )
  • How to Work
  • Criteria for the Deputy General/sales Manager Job
  • Work and Job Responsibilities Of Deputy General/sales Manager
  • Qualities for Deputy General/sales Manager
  • Salary Structure of  Deputy General/sales Manager

First we have to know about sales team in Pharmaceutical Sector.

Sales team Includes:

Medical Representative (Front Line Manager)
Area Sales Manager (ASM)
Regional Sales Manager (RSM)
Zonal Sales Manager (ZSM)
Country Manager (international location) OR Deputy General/sales Manager(DGM)
General Manager (GM)
Vice President (VP)

Deputy General/Sales Manager Definition

Most general managers need an assistant, and the deputy manager is hired to fill that role. Deputy General/sales Manager is responsible and sensitive for sales.  Deputy General/sales Manager drive a very big team, almost half India is handle by the Deputy General Manager. Deputy General Manager is responsible for making most profit in his area. he is responsible or accountable for managing the activities in co workers area, deliver assigned sales goals and related objectives from the strategic sales plan. he is more responsible for the implementation of activities and analysis of current culture present in team. He handles a big team which is consist of zonal managers , regional managers, area managers, medical representatives. For example – in Deputy General Manager team approximate 3-4 zonal managers, 12 regional sales manager + 36 area sales manager + 180 medical representatives.


Deputy General/sales Manager always be in touch with marketing manager team and product management team. discuss the all company strategies, tools, company investments, budget, company campaigns and forward in his down legs. He gives the direction to zonal sales manger to achieve the sales target in rupee wise and motivate him for company policies and how to invest the things which makes more profit for company and build the reputation in the market. he always analyze the team and develop future mangers in his team. The Deputy General/sales Manager should be coordinate and plan projects and programs ,smart , intelligent, bold, knowledgeable, knows the fact of markets and  have scientific knowledge , industry knowledge, clinical knowledge, market knowledge. He conduct the interview for job of  zonal sales manager, area sales manager, regional sales manager.

If the general manager is absent, the deputy general/sales manager takes over his daily duties.

These helpful people assist with the planning, coordination, development and administration or programs and projects. They can work in any industry within any department, and the job often acts as a stepping stone to senior management positions
Deputy general/sales managers have myriad duties, from setting schedules to developing solutions for problems that arise during operations and works. They often help with hiring and training, and should be able to handle the day-to-day tasks of the manager if they are absent.
Extensive knowledge of the specific company and industry where these assistants work are essential. Deputy general/sales managers usually have a Bachelors or Masters degree in the related field and must be able to work both unsupervised and with upper management. Experience is very helpful in securing a job, but not always necessary depending on personal skills, qualities and credentials

A deputy general/sales manager receives reports from all departmental heads and hands them over to the general manager. He uses this information to prepare the company’s quarterly, biannual and annual reports, which he hands over to the GM and the members of the board. These reports, presented during annual general meetings with shareholders, show the progress an organization has made toward achieving its goals and mission. One of the primary roles of a deputy manager is to assist the general manager in preparing a budget and allocating funds to all departments. An assistant manager also works closely with departmental supervisors to plan and execute projects, and to monitor systems and technology. He also implements business strategies and procedures, manages the organization’s resources and draws up staff schedules.



To become a successful and proficient Deputy General/sales Manager, candidates should possess a Bachelors Degree. A Masters Degree in Business Administration, Management or other related areas is also quite valuable.

Duties And Responsibility Of Deputy General/Sales Manager

  • Responsible for solution implementation & meeting customer requirements.
  • Plan & Execute projects within time, budget and quality specifications.
  • Identify new strategy that will support the business needs.
  • Plan , generate & ensure change management, desired training, hand holding & transition to the support team as part of the overall project implementation plan.
  • Establishes successful relationships with leaders across different functional areas to ensure strategy  implemented successfully.
  • Ensuring support to business applications implemented within the constraints of time & quality to meet the agreed Service Level Agreement.
  • Support the business groups during audits & inspections by regulatory bodies.
  • Managing and mentoring a team of sales,business analysts and support team.
  • Providing guidance and counseling support to make them effective in their current roles.
  • Assist the departmental activities of budget preparation during the budgeting exercise.
  • Interview and recruit suitable team members

Deputy General/sales Managers usually work for or assist a General Manager (GM). They take over when the GM is not available and share in their responsibilities. They help to motivate staff, handle administrative duties, and perform human resource tasks, such as recruiting and assessing staff performance.
A Deputy General/sales Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Implementing business procedures
•  Assisting General Managers
• Controlling cost or expenditure
•  Maintain quality standards
• Training employees
• Budgeting
•  Preparing reports
•  Attending meetings
• Doing presentations


  •  Presentation
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Planning
  • Negotiating
  • Management (people, time , stress )
  • Communication
  • Mentoring
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Ambitious, Motivated
  • Confident, Professional

Technical Competencies:

  1.  Project  Management skills. Project planning tools
  2.  Business analysis skills
  3.  Knowledge of the relevant scientific applications, data, conferences, requirements
  4.  Pharmaceutical domain knowledge
  5.  Relevant regulation knowledge


The salary for a deputy general/sales manager  150000 to 300000 INR / month in initial level  and also depend on the company . Apart from that  month expense ( DA &TA ) given by the company. Most companies gives car fare and head office book all hotels and flight ticket for a deputy general manager when he visit for field work in pan india. Incentive and other benefits ( in rupees and foreign trip) is also there for a deputy general manger and in most companies annual meetings arrange at international location but it totally depend on the company guidelines. deputy general meet with reputed persons of the pharma sales industry like different company president, vice president, chairman, MD , HR during seminars, meetings, conventions others like APICON, ASICON, IPHEX. He can develop good relation in pharma industry. If a person spend 3-4 year successfully on this level then he will try for next level ( GENERAL MANAGER).



This article give some detail about the job, role and responsibilities of deputy general/sales manager. we hope this article helps you to grab the job.

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