Responsibility Of Sales Executive for Consumer Division

Lot of time we saw various jobs available for Sales Executive and the companies have different criteria for filling that opening. some time company demand like below lines.

Job description – We have a suitable opening in the function of Sales for the position of Sales Executive for Consumer Product Division. In this individual contributor role he/she will represent the company to its channel partners and play a crucial role to generate business for the company so that the candidate should have 3-4 years of relevant experience in the FMCG business in similar geography.

For the solution of that we are giving brief idea about the Work And Responsibility Of Sales Executive for Consumer Division

In the Article Responsibility and Work of Sales Executive we will cover following topics:

  • Sales Executive Definition
  • Qualification Required
  • Salary Structure
  • Work and Job Responsibilities
  • How to Work


First we have to know about sales team in Consumer Care Sector Sales team Includes:

  • Sales Executive (Front Line Manager)
  • Territory Sales Manager (TM)
  • Regional Sales Manager (RSM) OR Area Sales Head
  • Zonal Sales Manager (ZSM)
  • General Manager (GM)
  • Vice President (VP)
  • President


Sales Executive Definition:

 The 1st step in sales team is named as Sales Executive (Officer).

First of all Sales Executive go to the customer and discuss about the product merits and benefits to the customer and consumer. A company give full training to SALES EXECUTIVE for the field like how to tackle the customer and how to represent the various  activity to the customer. Time to time company provide various activity which directly benefited to customer and retail consumer. These activities are like in promotional activity like 1+1 , 50 ml free with 250 ml offers, quiz activity, some door to door related program etc.

Sales Executive also known as a Sales Officer (Executive)

For the Sales Executive 1st interview is taken by the Territory Manager in interview mainly two type of questions asks

Questions related to

  1. Personal Information
  2. Vision
  3. Career Objective
  4. Last Company Achievements
  5. Sales Achievements


For a Sales Executive 3 major customers are retailer , wholesaler and distributor. These are the key (CORE) link between companies and customer. A large no. of companies present in India. They required marketing team for selling the goods. For that they appoints sales persons at different different level.



  • Sales Executive works in specified territory or area.   He met with all customer on desired frequency like core customer and non core customer. Try to engage core customer in company activity and work in field and take bulk orders from there. Maintain good and hygiene relation with customer and improves the company image in field and in front of customer. Plan the customer on daily basis and also plan the inputs and activity for the customer. Always watch the competitor activity and forward  to senior, head office or PMT( PRODUCT MANAGEMENT TEAM)  person. Always update in change in price, pack, composition, benefits of our product as well as competitor product.
  • Sales Executive go to the stockist (wholesaler and distributor) and take stock statement from the stockist (wholesaler and distributor) and give POB (personal order booking) to stockist (wholesaler and distributor) which is collected from field. Ensure the supply of pob (personal order booking) in time to retailer. Even time to time visit the stockist , check the non movable stock and confirm from stockist (wholesaler and distributor). Due to this all retailer taking stock in sufficient quantity which is required for consumer .  Finally in the month end closing comes which is the final day of our whole month working. Take stock and sales statement and place the primary order for next month sales.


  • Territory sales achievements
  • achievement of key product objectives
  • Product promotion
  • Launching of new product / markets
  • Product knowledge / promotional strategy
  • Launch inputs 
  • Market feedback
  • Coverage and call frequency plan
  • Record keeping and reporting
  • Plan : stockist-wise  primary/ secondary monthly
  • Book orders : stockists, wholesaler, distributor and retailers
  • Retail availability- POB (personal order booking)
  • Stockists – service, inventory, payments, orders
  • Competitors activity
  • New introductions / pack & price changes
  • Target Customer selection, relation in retail
  • Stockist inventory
  • Company image
  • Good conduct on and off the field
  • Positive information about the company
  • Earning the respect of customers
  • Positive information about the customers      
sales officer
  Sales Officer


Job Responsibilities For Sales Officer (Executive)

  • Responsible for ensuring delivery of monthly primary, secondary & territory sales through effective relationships with channel partners, business partners & the work-force.
  • Ensure the distribution for pillar brands as well as new product launches.
  • Ensuring in store visibility execution & share of shelf as per company standards.
  • Ensuring stable business & healthy return on investment, delivery to the business partners by working effectively with them & the team of salesman enrolled under them.
  • Steering the company’s growth by execution of company’s strategy at the ground level.


Professional Competencies For Sales Officer (Executive)

  • Person Should Have Good interpersonal skills
  • Good relationship management
  • Good understanding of the FMCG business for the specific geography
  • Team management skills
  • Excellent in communication skills
  • Proficient in Ms office


HOW TO JOIN SALES EXECUTIVE JOB                                                            

For joining this profession  the person should be  GRADUATE. This profession is really good and give good learning for professional and personal life. In starting phase company select the person and give training which is the related to company product portfolio or specialty segment. in training those product include only that product promote by a Sales Executive in field working. During training company teach about each and everything like

  1. how to do report on daily basis
  2. how to plan for daily working in field
  3. about how to detail product to customer
  4. how to find primary, secondary & closing stock unit wise as well as value wise
  5. After the training a Sales Executive ready to work in field with full of energy , enthusiasm, positivity.


Salary Structure Of Sales Executive The starting salary which is offered to a Sales Executive is approximately 12000-20000 INR. It’s a  good salary for starting a carrier in good and respective field. apart from salary company gives travelling allowance(TA) and daily allowance(DA). When we include SALARY+DA(daily allowance)+TA (travelling allowance) the approximately 20000 – 30000 INR drawn in bank account as an salary. After that incentives is another part of income which is dependent on the sale. Incentive policies are different for different company. Some companies gives foreign tour to his employee on annual achievement.

If a Sales Executive works properly or according to company strategy then as a result of he will give good increment in salary and other rewards. The salary of sales officer increases according to performance and experience. If a person have experience at a similar position in same industry then that is very good for carrier and that will be preferable. Mainly experience works at the time of change.

Key Relationship Requirement For Sales Officer (Executive)

  • Internal Interaction- Sales, finance, supply chain and customer service team.
  • External Interaction- Distributors, Retailers and Salesmen.

Hence the Sales Executive should be professional, smart, polished, ethical, positive, confident, organised, self starter, energetic, self motivated, goal oriented,  ambitious, physical stamina and excellent communication skills, quick learner. finally these are the basic key point or things which should be present in Sales Executive and he always ready to adopt these few points or skills. Due to that Sales Executive lives always with happiness and joy. Always give time to family. Always love his job. so, overall Sales Executive job is good and always developed skills and grows present skills.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

above all information in this article giving brief idea about the Work And Responsibility Of Sales Executive for Consumer Division


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